Enlarged prostate without increase in urinating frequency


My psa count is 14.  I do not have increased frequency in urinating of any noticible anount.  I have had difficulty in retaining an erection for about 5 or 6 years, gradually getting worse.  My prostrate is enlarged, and will be having a biopsy.  Can you confirm whether or not the fact that my bladder function seems the same, is an indication that I do not have cancer.  All the information seems to say that it is a primary sympton.  If the results are positive can I then get a second opinion as to treatment from a consultant with a high level of experience and expertise at short notice?


Bladder symptoms may be due to an enlarged prostate or a diseased prostate. The nature of the bladder symptoms do not necessarily help us differenitate one type of disease from another.  The biopsy will tell you whether you have prostate cancer or not.  Should this be the case, and you would like a second opinion, I would be very pleased to see you (however, I would require a formal referral from your general practitioner or current specialist).