A PSA of 20 not necessarily Prostate Cancer


My husband has had 5 PSA tests  over the last 22 months, the first test score was 7, then it jumped to  11, then to 15, then 16  and in June it was at 20.  He has had  2  DRE’s on  both ocassions the prostate was very enlarged.  He has also  had 2 biopsis, which came back negative.  At no time has he had any  treatment for BPH,  he recently saw another consultant  (he has been diagnosed with low  testestrone) who has now referred him to an   Oncologist, should he  be worried?  I read one of the articles on your site that says that if a PSA score is over 15 most surgeons won’t  preform surgery??


I think your husband ought to have a PCA3 test.  A PSA of 20 may be due to benign disease but is suspicious, and a PSA free:total ratio and a PCA3 test would be the best way forward.

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