Dr Plowman

Dr_Nick_Plowman_reading_200Dr P.N. Plowman is Head of Clinical Oncology (Cancer Medicine and Radiation Therapy) at St Bartholomew’s Hospital, London. He also has a smaller and niche practice in children’s cancer therapy at Great Ormond Street Hospital, London where he is the senior oncologist.

Dr Plowman is one of the country’s most experienced cancer physicians and, with his clinical team, has introduced new medical therapies, which are now standard practice, and radiation techniques that have been initially pioneering and later best standard practice – with laboratory colleagues; he is currently exploring DNA repair mechanisms – both with regard to cancer’s sensitivity to new agents (and enhancement thereof) and, equally importantly, the likely toxicity of therapy to the normal body (and protection thereof).

Dr Plowman is an authority on the optimal management of cancer and leads one of the country’s foremost teams tackling all cancers. Dr Plowman has an interest in developing international links concerning. Best care for cancer patients and is part of several ventures dealing with international practice.

Dr Plowman has a large medico-legal practice dealing with liability, causation, delay to diagnosis and complications. He is the editor of “The Conditions of Cancer Management”

Contact details

Dr Nick Plowman
14 Harmont House
20 Harley Street
London W1G 9PH

Telephone: 020 7631 1632
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