Dr Plowman has 20 years’ experience as a medico-legal expert, providing medical expert reports and expert testimony in court appearances. Dr Plowman accepts medico-legal instructions on behalf of both claimant and defendant in approximately equal proportions. He accepts 50-60 instructions per year.

Individual claims relating to cancer treatment most frequently deal with delay to diagnosis, the sequelae and complications of cancer therapy, the appropriateness of therapy decisions, and all aspects of causation. Expert reports are prepared within four weeks of receiving all the relevant medical details in “hard copy”.

Instructions for corporate legal work are accepted. Dr Plowman has provided expert testimony for the main UK tobacco litigation case (Edinburgh High Court) and the Harrow Replacement Therapy Case (International Tribunal Hearing 2012).

Dr Plowman’s book “The Complication of Cancer Management” has been cited in legal cases.