International Patients

Many prostate cancer patients travel from around the world to benefit from the expertise, experience and services available in London. We understand the specific challenges facing international patients coming from overseas who are seeking medical treatment.

Around half of the patients treated through the London Prostate Cancer Centre come from another country. There is a network of support for these patients. International patient co-ordinators can help you plan and organise all aspects of your visit to London, and will make your experience as smooth and stress-free as possible, and provide a service that is caring, confidential and respectful.

We understand first-hand the language and cultural needs that international patients are likely to have, including:

  • dietary requirements, including Halal-prepared and Kosher meals.
  • religious considerations. There is a multi-faith worship room at the Bupa Cromwell Hospital and we can provide prayer mats
  • translation services

The international patient co-ordinators and interpreters speak and write fluently in French, Arabic and Greek. We can also arrange interpreter services for most languages. This service is provided free of charge for all our patients who request it.